‘Hire’ a Chatbot to Manage Your Fan Page!

Have you heard of Chatbot? An automatic AI (artificial intelligence) bot that can help you to save lots of time managing your business fan page! In fact, more and more companies have discovered this super efficient software and started to use them. You can use it too to increase efficiency and speed up your work! Check out the reasons why more and more people are using Chatbot to manage their business fan page!   Reduce Customer Service Workload & Increase…

Best Google Website Tools 2021

1. Google Analytics In this digital age, the importance of data to a business/website should never be underestimated. In fact, without proper tracking of website traffic, a business is literally lost, especially when it comes to how to optimize the website and make full use of it. Whether your website is run in the form of a personal blog, news portal, business or corporate page, ecommerce store, Google Analytics is considered an essential tool for every website. The more you…

Hiding enquiry comment on FB – Good or Bad?

Are you worried that your competitors might steal your leads if they can see the enquiries posted in the comment box? There are in fact, several reasons why some of the business owners decide to do this. For example: Most business owners do not want their leads to be exposed to competitors as they can steal the leads without sending a single cent. Some business owners block or ban certain people who comment on their FB fan page, if they…