‘Hire’ a Chatbot to Manage Your Fan Page!

‘Hire’ a Chatbot to Manage Your Fan Page!

Have you heard of Chatbot? An automatic AI (artificial intelligence) bot that can help you to save lots of time managing your business fan page!

In fact, more and more companies have discovered this super efficient software and started to use them. You can use it too to increase efficiency and speed up your work!

Check out the reasons why more and more people are using Chatbot to manage their business fan page!


Reduce Customer Service Workload & Increase efficiency

  • Save time in replying to repeated and common questions.
  • Customer Service has more time to solve new and urgent issues.


Answer common customer service questions 24/7

  • Eliminate the need to hire employees or outsource round-the-clock customer service just to reply messages 24/7.


Boost Sales & Increase Profits

  • Show customers what they are looking for and provide faster response when inquiries come in from PM (personal message).
  • Upsell and cross sell your customers
  • Better message open rate & engagement


Establishing strong a relationship with customers

  • Shorter response time for customers waiting for reply or call back. (it’s not about blasting sales related messages only, but also holiday greetings and contests announcements).
  • Bring the right information to customers and direct them to the right landing page with the products and services they are interested in.


Create more targeted messages

  • Target your customers according to their gender, language segmentation, etc. with the right messages (show them very targeted messages to increase efficiency).


Link to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software

  • For now, Chatbot can link to certain CRM software, allowing users to record chat history and manage it in their CRM.


Work as the live chat on your website

  • Your potential customers can message you directly from your website, and you can reply easily on your smartphone.


So here goes the benefits of using a chatbot. So you think chatbot can help you?

Why not give it a try?


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