Daphne Cheah


: TikTok – The Rising Social Media Platform With 4M Users In Malaysia?!

I recently came across a post on Facebook that asked: what is the ‘Top 5 Social Media Platforms In Malaysia?‘ Names started popping up in my mind – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter…..but wait, there’s one more. I asked myself, what could the 5th platform be? I tapped on the post for answer. And there it is, TikTok. O.M.G. I mean, yeah.. How could I not recall TikTok? Pretty sure most of us had heard of TikTok especially when it went…


: How Do I Choose The Right Facebook Campaign Objective?

Have you ever been confused when there’s SO many Facebook campaign objectives to choose from? Fret not; you’re not the only one! All of us have been there, done that. Each of the objectives serves to different stages of your business  goals. Which means-first you have to understand the basic marketing funnel & learn where your business is positioned at. Once you’ve point out that; you move on to identifying what are your marketing goals. What result you’d expect to…