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16 Apr: Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Users in the World [April 2019]

There is no denying that Instagram is getting higher popularity than Facebook as the main social media platform for younger generation, especially the millennium.

As the digital age evolves, new channels such as influencer marketing sometimes performs even better than Facebook Ads at a lower cost. Presenting to you the top 10 most followed Instagram users in the world as of April 2019.

All of them have more than 100 millions Instagram followers.


08 Apr: WhatsApp Update: Now nobody can add you to ‘annoying’ groups

From time to time, WhatsApp introduces new features to offer its users better usability in the messaging app. This time around, WhatsApp announced a major update to its privacy settings ahead of the election in India. With this new privacy update, you get to decide who can add you to the WhatsApp chat group. No more worries about being added to any unknown group, especially by spammers without your consent. This update is important to fight the spread of fake…


26 Mar: You can checkout on Instagram now

Although Facebook is still the champion in terms of total social media users in Malaysia, but the average age of Facebook users are aging. In contrast, Instagram is booming now especially for younger generation (below 25 years old). In a few years time, the majority of Instagram users will have higher buying power, they are the next wave of future consumers. Good news from Instagram, you can buy and checkout without leaving Instagram. Yes, perform all transactions within the app…


08 Mar: TikTok – The Rising Social Media Platform With 4M Users In Malaysia?!

I recently came across a post on Facebook that asked: what is the ‘Top 5 Social Media Platforms In Malaysia?‘ Names started popping up in my mind – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter…..but wait, there’s one more. I asked myself, what could the 5th platform be? I tapped on the post for answer. And there it is, TikTok. O.M.G. I mean, yeah.. How could I not recall TikTok? Pretty sure most of us had heard of TikTok especially when it went…


01 Mar: Latest Social Media Platform Updates [March 2019]

1. Facebook Facebook Page Admin is now able to respond to Instagram Messages from Page Inbox The Feb 2019 update from Facebook is focusing on simplifying messaging for page admins. Finally, Facebook Page admins are able to respond to Instagram direct messages (DM) from their Facebook Page inbox. This update is life savior to all social media admins that wish to combine all messaging under one platform, and a good news to those who need to reply private messages from…


25 Feb: Emotion That Get Reaction In Content Marketing

Have you ever wondered what makes people share contents on the Internet? How do some images, articles or videos get so many shares, while others seem to never have a chance? Well, the answer to these questions is EMOTION. Emotion is a powerful trigger which is used by many advertising agencies out there. And this powerful tool can be used in Content Marketing. Emotions do not only affect what we share but also our buying decisions, including what we choose…


08 Feb: 40+ Malaysia Chinese New Year Video Ads 2019 Compilation

No kidding! There are over 40 Chinese New year video ads for this year! Some brands/businesses even have 2 videos dedicated for this festive season. Unlike previous years, the willingness to invest in professional video ads is higher among various brands in Malaysia. More and more businesses have realized the importance of brand awareness and video ads are no doubt, one of the best options. In fact, it’s a great idea to advertise via YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads…


31 Jan: [Announcement] Withholding Tax & Service Tax on Imported Services For Digital Advertising Services

What is Withholding Tax? Withholding tax is an amount withheld by the party making payment (payer) on income earned by a non-resident (payee) and paid to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. ‘Payer’ refers to an individual/body other than individual carrying on a business in Malaysia. He is required to withhold tax on payments for services rendered/technical advice/rental or other payments made under any agreement for the use of any moveable property and paid to a non-resident payee. ‘Payee’ refers…


28 Jan: 5 Common Mistakes for Digital Marketers

Some say every digital marketer needs to go through a long process and journey to excel in the digital marketing career. That is in fact, very true. To become a good digital marketer in 2019, one needs to have a good foundation on the marketing concept. From websites, content creation, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Insta stories, LinkedIn, podcasts, video advertising, SEO, chatbots and email marketing, we, the digital marketers need to know almost everything. For small businesses and startups, most…


17 Jan: 4 Things to learn from this “Egg”, really? 🥚

At the time (17 Jan 2019, 11.22am) I wrote this blog post, this Instagram post had already achieved 46 millions likes. I bet it can reach 100 millions likes in the near future. Yup, it’s just a stock image of an egg, and it has become the most popular Instagram post now. You know what?! the egg is taking over Kylie Jenner’s shot of her newborn daughter. View this post on Instagram stormi webster 👼🏽 A post shared by Kylie…