TikTok – The Rising Social Media Platform With 4M Users In Malaysia?!

TikTok – The Rising Social Media Platform With 4M Users In Malaysia?!

I recently came across a post on Facebook that asked: what is the ‘Top 5 Social Media Platforms In Malaysia?‘ Names started popping up in my mind – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter…..but wait, there’s one more. I asked myself, what could the 5th platform be?

I tapped on the post for answer. And there it is, TikTok. O.M.G. I mean, yeah.. How could I not recall TikTok? Pretty sure most of us had heard of TikTok especially when it went viral with several challenges like ‘Karma Is A B*tch“, but I did not expect it would climb the list to become top 5, especially in Malaysia!

Facebook still ranks no.1 in Malaysia – with a whopping 23M users, 70% of our current population

  1. Facebook – 23M users
  2. YouTube – 20M users
  3. Instagram – 11M users
  4. LinkedIn – 4.4M users
  5. TikTok – 4M users

As a millennial myself, and my fellow colleagues who are in the same generation, we don’t spend that much of time on TikTok as compared to Facebook or Instagram (does this mean we’re old?!). But this really tells you a lot on the demographics for each of the platform.

41% of TikTok’s user base are aged between 16-24

TikTok’s user base is largely skewed towards the younger audiences; teens & young adults. Below’s the breakdown of each platform’s demographics:

  • Facebook: Preferred by mature audiences (mostly working adults and older)
  • Instagram: Preferred by younger audiences (young adults & teenagers)
  • TikTok: Heavily focus on teenagers

In fact, we have ran several Facebook & IG ads for clients from different industries, and came to the conclusion that Facebook does appeal to older audiences as compared to IG

Pssst…we have several clients from the education industry, and we found out that most of the leads came from IG ads compared to Facebook ads for their 2019 Intake! *Consider placing more focus on Instagram if you are advertising to the teenage groups

Advertising On TikTok – Yay Or Nay?

If you are interested in exploring the advertising options on TikTok, visit here for details & cost estimation. In Malaysia, there are only few selected agencies that provide these services, and many brands have yet to utilize the platform.

We could say it’s relatively new, and it comes with quite a hefty price tag. The ROI on this platform is yet to become widely known, but you can take a look at the recent McDonald’s TikTok Challenge Campaign . 

Brand engagement from this campaign was a huge success, with a whopping 5.9M counter.

If your brand is catered towards the general , younger audience – perhaps you should start exploring TikTok now – or just try it out yourself for fun! 😉

Feel free to share with us what you think of TikTok in the comments below.


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hai.. do you have chart for this article?

Great article! Thanks for the statistics! Exabytes always create quality posts & services, stay strong & continue to lead 🙂

Thanks Chris, the TikTok might become the next future.

what is the date of this article?

That was around March 2019

Curious to know if the author could provide the breakdown of Tik Tok users by age group in Malaysia. As per the article, the Tik Tok users is close to 18% versus Facebook users. But, since Tik Tok is booming, would like to know the chance of getting brands awareness among elderly age group.

I tried to request the latest statistical data from TikTok Malaysia but they replied the user base is confidential, and suggest lookout for third-party sources such as Sensor Tower.

Have been trying to scout data and statistics about TikTok as the rising app in Malaysia but so far I could only land on this one. Thank you for the source, would look forward to knowing more of an update.

I tried to directly contact TikTok Malaysia about the latest data but they have rejected the request.

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