How Do I Choose The Right Facebook Campaign Objective?

How Do I Choose The Right Facebook Campaign Objective?

Have you ever been confused when there’s SO many Facebook campaign objectives to choose from? Fret not; you’re not the only one! All of us have been there, done that.

Each of the objectives serves to different stages of your business  goals. Which means-first you have to understand the basic marketing funnel & learn where your business is positioned at. Once you’ve point out that; you move on to identifying what are your marketing goals. What result you’d expect to see at the end of the campaign? *Don’t worry it’s not as complicated as you think!


Facebook marketing objective
Facebook Campaign Objectives

Well, technically Facebook Ads has already laid down the 3 basic Marketing Funnel and categorize the objectives under them. If you notice at the top, the objectives are categorized into three categories- Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.  So, what do these 3 objectives mean and which one should I choose to run my marketing campaign?

Let’s Start With The Basic Marketing Funnel – Here We Go!


Basic Marketing Funnel


Awareness are top of funnel objectives that aim to generate interest in what you have to offer. If this is your very first time running a marketing campaign on Facebook, you might want to start with this funnel. Ask yourself the 2 golden ‘W’s ; Who and What. ‘Who’ is your brand? Do people already aware of your brand? ‘What’ does your business do? Do people already know what you do?

Consideration are more like the middle funnel. Consider using this to reach people who may have some interest in what you have to offer and are likely to want to engage or discover more information.

Conversions are toward the bottom of your funnel and should be used when you want people to register, opt-in, download, purchase, or visit your store. Which means- generating sales $$!


An ideal marketing campaign would cover 3 of those funnels; over a longer period of time. This might be suitable for larger businesses with bigger budget to cover all 3 funnels. For smaller businesses with limited budget might cut straight to the second funnel and the last funnel.


Are You Ready? Let’s Set Your Expectations & Marketing Goal Right

show me the money meme

Let’s be honest- ALL of us would answer the same thing, ” Really? Do you have to ask this question? It’s obviously SALES!” – Yes,yes we totally get it.  But if you’re a business owner you should know it takes the right effort and time to produce good results.

In order to reach the end goal – let’s work backwards and breakdown into few goals before that.  Conversions – Sales is your end goal. What do you need to achieve that? Traffic? Engagement? Promotions?

For example, you can first focus on getting more traffic to your website this month, and focus on converting these traffic into sales the following month. Similar concept to offline stores. If there’s no people visiting your shop, how would you expect to generate sales?


Getting More Clearer Now On Choosing Your Facebook Objectives?

Once you’ve laid down the fundamentals- don’t be afraid to test different objectives to see what is working best for you.

Dive deeper into each of the objectives definition here at About Facebook Advertising Objective.


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