View All Active Facebook Ads of Anyone for FREE [Best Competitor Spying Tool]

View All Active Facebook Ads of Anyone for FREE [Best Competitor Spying Tool]

Facebook is working hard to encourage transparency by giving us more information on all the Facebook ads we see.

Launched on 28 March 2019, now all worldwide users have a better way to learn about Facebook Ads (how the best FB Ads are designed, FB Ads strategies, etc). The new feature is called Facebook Ad Library.

Read the full announcement here:

Facebook Ad Library

Finally, by typing the Facebook page name, topics or organization, the new tool will display all active Facebook Ads for the page.

For example, let’s type DJI and choose Malaysia region. I can now view the current active Facebook ads targeting Malaysia.

DJI Facebook ad library

Notice the filtering options and views by different geolocation Facebook page above? This is useful for the international digital marketing strategy to research, monitor and plan for your next campaign.

Different countries have distinctive ongoing ads running. By understanding their strategy and the reasons why the ads are designed such way, all businesses can improve their ad building skills.

Next, let’s check out McDonald’s Malaysia active Facebook Ads:

McDonald's Facebook ad library

From the preview above, you can see that McDonald’s Malaysia is pushing McDelivery and its offers.

For all the digital marketers, designers and social media planners out there, the above Facebook ads library can even show you the video ads. If you’re considering to run Facebook Video Ads (which you should if you haven’t), these real example ads can provide a good benchmark for your ads quality.

From the examples above, all video ads playtime range from 5 to 15 seconds. The motion graphic is created in a straightforward and eye-catching style to attract viewers’ attention. Learn from them and apply the knowledge to your own brand.

Next, from Zalora Malaysia current Facebook ads, we can learn from the simplicity of the picture in ads. Takeaway: Mention the brand, discount rate and the product directly.

Zalora Facebook ad library

When it comes to copywriting, notice how they arrange the text to follow the 20% text rule in image, title, etc. With this, we can acquire more information on how to create better Facebook Ads.

For ecommerce sellers, the ability to view competitors’ ad copy is important as it gives you an idea what everyone else is doing.

If you need to know your competitors’ website traffic performance, keywords and the content management system (CMS), feel free to learn from Free Tools to Research Your Competitors post.

Besides, another quick and easy way to research your competitors’ targeting strategy is using the “Why am I seeing this ads?” feature.

Search any Facebook Ads in your news feed: Click the 3 dots > click “Why am I seeing this ads”.

Voila, now you know whether your account falls on the remarketing list or the other interest targeting setting.

Facebook Ads - Why am I seeing this ads

Why am I seeing this ads

Visited their website or used one of their apps” means the reason I see the ads from Exabytes (MY) is the remarketing strategy.

Entrepreneur Facebook Ads

Entrepreneur - why am I seeing this ads

In the above example, the Entrepreneur Facebook Ads are using ‘people who are interested in Social media marketing’ to target me. So, now I know the Facebook algorithm labels me as a social media marketing lover, which is quite accurate.

We hope this blog post helps when it comes to curating and planning your Facebook Ad campaign in the future.



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