Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Ad Frequency

Most advertisers do not look at the ad frequency when they advertise their campaigns. Having an Ad Frequency above 3 can mean that your audience will be seeing your ad at least 3 times.

More often than not, high ad frequency works well for brand awareness but not for the conversion rate.

It may cause your campaign to become less cost effectiveness as you are targeting the same people with the same message, and expecting different results at the same time.

Facebook Ads Manager analytics

Get Greedy In Marketing Objective When Carrying Out a Campaign

Remember you should only have ONE objective for each campaign. In other words, advertisers should not expect to see high reach, high engagement, high click rate, and high conversion rate at the same time in one single campaign.

All you need is plan for your campaign objective, and come out with a funnel with for example, awareness, consideration, purchase, repeat purchases and building customer loyalty.

Facebook Ads marketing objective

Choose The Wrong Placement For The Ad

In most cases, advertisers select automatic placement. When it is selected, advertisers do not know where their ads appear and use most of the budget, and which placement drives the most results that we want.

In fact, it’s recommended to make sure that you have a good result in audience network, instant article and the right column.

However, this might bring cheaper clicks but not necessarily higher conversion rates.

Facebook ads placement setting


Making Decisions Too Early

Facebook Ads does have campaign learning stage which takes up to maximum 5 days.

In most cases, advertisers stop the campaign too early without looking into the reasons that cause the poor results. Stopping too early can cause advertisers not reaching enough people before they can measure the ad results.

Do check on the interest of the audience, demographic, placement, cities , ad image and write-up, cost per conversion, cost per engagement to find out if there are other things you can optimize before you pause the campaign.

Facebook Audience Insights

No Clear Message In Advertising Images

We understand the 80/20 rule make advertisers put less text in the image.

However, if the image does not deliver the main message you want to deliver, it can become a waste of advertising budget.

Remember, your potential customers probably spend only 1 second for each post.

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