Hiding enquiry comment on FB – Good or Bad?

Hiding enquiry comment on FB – Good or Bad?

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Are you worried that your competitors might steal your leads if they can see the enquiries posted in the comment box? There are in fact, several reasons why some of the business owners decide to do this. For example:

  1. Most business owners do not want their leads to be exposed to competitors as they can steal the leads without sending a single cent.
  2. Some business owners block or ban certain people who comment on their FB fan page, if they fail to convert them to sales. They believe these people are not quality clients and do not wish to engage with them in future’s posting.
  3. To protect clients’ privacy. This is because some clients would just reveal their phone number in the comment box, causing themselves to receive a lot of spam messages in the future.
    hide comment or embed

Hide Or Remove Client Inquiry Comments on Facebook. Is that a right move?

We believe that hiding, removing or banning comments is not the best move even with the main 3 reasons as mentioned above.

This is because as a business owner, we want our posts to reach as many people as possible, and if possible, to go viral.

If we hide or remove comments, our posts will have lower chances of being shared, liked and given a comment.

Malaysians tend to feel more secure and confident to continue sending PM when a Facebook post does not have many comments.



  1. Bring your traffic to Website, Become A Lead, Send Message To FB Messenger or Send Message To Your Whatapps which all inquiries, you will be received in private.
  2. If you’re worried that your ads will reach the same people, try using custom audience or different targeting to exclude them out.

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