Latest Social Media Platform Updates [March 2019]

Latest Social Media Platform Updates [March 2019]

1. Facebook

Facebook Page Admin is now able to respond to Instagram Messages from Page Inbox

The Feb 2019 update from Facebook is focusing on simplifying messaging for page admins. Finally, Facebook Page admins are able to respond to Instagram direct messages (DM) from their Facebook Page inbox.

This update is life savior to all social media admins that wish to combine all messaging under one platform, and a good news to those who need to reply private messages from Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

2. Instagram

Allow to share multiple accounts

Previously, in order to share the same post using Instagram app, you need to switch between personal and business account. The same steps must be repeated and this is totally not efficient.

With this update, you are able to “self regram” to multiple account simualtannously. No more using third party social management tools like Hootsuite and buffer to post.

I would say this feature is handy when you want to post directly using smartphones.

3. LinkedIn Live

Finally it’s their turn for live streaming

Obviously, all the new features in LinkedIn are exactly the same with Instagram Stories and Facebook feeds, and rather similar with YouTube in same way.

The act to launch its own live streaming platform is long awaited since videos are the format that often get the highest engagement.

As the largest professional network worldwide, live streaming on LinkedIn is best for live events, seminars, conferences or corporate related videos.

From Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Periscope, YouTube Live and now LinkedIn Live, we can be sure that live broadcasting activities would be a big hit in 2019 for digital marketing.

4. YouTube

Simpler Strike System

To all YouTubers, YouTube is overhauling its community guidelines with a new system for rule breakers.

The new penalties after receiving a strike are as follows:

  • The first strike will result in a one-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube, including live streaming, and other channel activities. Strikes will expire after 90 days.
  • The second strike in any 90-day period will result in a two-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube.
  • The third strike in any 90-day period will result in channel termination.


In short, all videos content that is uploaded to YouTube must abide by YouTube’s policies and community guidelines.

Here is a video on YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes System:

New YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes System

Stay updated. Cheers!

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