Social Media Post Design In 28 Seconds?!

Social Media Post Design In 28 Seconds?!

When I became a digital marketer in Malaysia, I very quickly realise that time is a luxury you can’t afford. It seems like that’s the case around the globe too.

On an average day, creating a social media post and thinking of the caption is sap sap sui (super easy) but with several campaigns and content pending the last thing you want to do is design and come up with catchy phrases.


That’s why we take all the help we can get from readily available designing & publishing tools. One of the tools that has made my life so much easier is Pablo by Buffer.

If you haven’t tried it before, give it a whirl and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Essentially, Pablo is a designing tool/ platform that helps you create a simple and attractive social media posts to use on a daily basis.


You know, when you have plenty of pictures and content to keep the engagement going and the traffic coming but you don’t have time to resize all the pictures for Facebook posts and Instagram stories or even just add text to your layout for a quick announcement on Twitter, this is perfect for that!

Let’s talk more about the platform and how it works.


1)The thing that I noticed when I was using Pablo is that the user interface is simple and straightforward, something that I really appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, I like complex designs and elaborate layouts but when I’m rushing to get things done, the more direct the instructions, the better.


Pablo social media design square size


2)Pablo has ready to use pictures from may free sources. So if you don’t have any content of your own to use, you can choose a suitable picture from the Images. From what I could see, the pictures are from Unsplash and Pixabay so you know they are copyright free to use.

3)So far there are only 3 sizes available for your design; portrait (recommended for Pinterest), square(recommended for Instagram) and landscape (recommended or Facebook or Twitter posts).

4)You can even choose different filters to go with your image.



Pablo social media design portrait size



5)After you’ve selected the size and image, you can move to add header, text body and/or caption. One thing to note is that the font selection is pretty limited so you’ll have to stick with the basics.


Pablo social media design text


6)One cool feature that I enjoy is that Pablo allows you to add your own logo on the artwork. You can customise the size and the radius too.


Pablo social media design logo


7)When you’re done with your artwork, just share on social media directly without having the hassle of downloading and uploading the image.


Pablo social media design landscape size


Easy right? Check out some samples that you can create!


pablo design sample quote

pablo design sample quote

pablo sample quotes

pablo sample life quotes

Pablo sample chocolate quotes

pablo design sample quote 3

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, you too can design artwork in 28 seconds flat!

If you’re interested to know more, check out our blog on free online design tool for your digital marketing content.

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