40+ Malaysia Chinese New Year Video Ads 2019 Compilation

40+ Malaysia Chinese New Year Video Ads 2019 Compilation

No kidding! There are over 40 Chinese New year video ads for this year! Some brands/businesses even have 2 videos dedicated for this festive season.

Unlike previous years, the willingness to invest in professional video ads is higher among various brands in Malaysia. More and more businesses have realized the importance of brand awareness and video ads are no doubt, one of the best options.

In fact, it’s a great idea to advertise via YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Insta Story Ads; we always love to watch videos in our palm.

Now, get ready to watch all the CNY video ads on our list! Be inspired and have fun!
*Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to watch Yasmin Ahmad’s CNY video ads.

1. You-Sang, We-Sang | CIMB CNY 2019

2. Lat Talilat Tali Tam Pom | Life’s so easy with Panasonic this CNY!

3. Watsons CNY 2019 – Happy Beautiful Year! 过靓年,大过天!

4. PETRONAS CNY Greeting 2019 – HEART

5. Malaysia Airlines CNY 2019 | The Spirit of Hospitality

6. LAZADA “Slash” The Leng Chai! CNY 2019

7. Ribena CNY 2019: Purple Flight

8. Carousell

Sell Kitchen Tools – Earn Extra Money This Lunar New Year!

Sell Your Clothes – Earn Extra Money This Lunar New Year!

Sell Your Gadgets – Earn Extra Money This Lunar New Year!

9. Daikin CNY 2019 : Forget Me Not 勿忘我

10. RHB Group Chinese New Year 2019: Belief

11. Eu Yan Sang Malaysia CNY 2019 | 余仁生 – 一份不可替代的温度

12. F&N Chinese New Year 2019

F&N Creameries Malaysia – A New Year of Good Fortune & Prosperity

13. Darlie Malaysia CNY 2019: Brush Together, Huat Together!

14. “The Lucky Guy” CNY 2019 – by IJM Land

15. 新花YOUNG XinHuaYOUNG – New Year New HOPE 2019 with EcoWorld

16. Happiness is Priceless 幸福无价 – MR.DIY Chinese New Year 2019

17. TOP CNY 2019

18. AirAsia CNY 2019 | The Perfect Lou Sang

19. Tan Chong Group & Nissan CNY 2019 |【新年新期盼】 New Year, New Hopes

20. Tesco Ong Mali 2019 – Sheng Yi Xing Long 生意兴隆

Tesco Ong Mali 2019 : Zhu Bao Ping An 竹报平安

21. Hong Leong Bank Chinese New Year Video – Payback Time

22. Marmite CNY 2019

Marmite Treasure Pot – CNY 2019 Recipe

23. Prudential CNY 2019 : Word Count 算话

24. Shou Xin 手信 – PLUS CNY 2019

25. Alliance Bank Chinese New Year 2019

26. Let Freshness Invite Prosperity | Ambi Pur Car CNY 2019

27. Sports Toto CNY 2019 – 宴席攻略!

28. asadi CNY 2019

29. LBS Chinese New Year Music Video 2019

30. Herbalife Nutrition 2019 CNY Video: Come Home To Auspicious Health & Treasured Moments

31. TNB CNY 2019 – The ONG-est Hours

32. The LOVE in Ang Bao from Yakult Malaysia

33. Million things to love about CNY – main Film by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

34. OSIM Malaysia CNY 2019

35. CARNATION 温馨煮意 with Chan Fong (CNY 2019) ~生虾伊面 30s

36. Gamuda Land CNY Short Film 2019 – The Family Tree

37. 988贺岁网剧《诸事如意》第一集

*total have 4 episodes




38. Setia CNY TVC 2019 | Stay Close

39. The Return Of Sifu Yen from Fly FM

40. Magnum 4D CNY 2019 Video

41. Samsung CNY 2019: What’s wrong with Ma-ma?

42. Searching Searching on the Net【有搜必应】| mySAFEBOX Chinese New Year 2019 (CNY) Ads

43. Panadol Extra – Chinese New Year 2019 full video

44. KFC CNY 2019: 300ft of Separation

Bonus Video Ads from Yasmin Ahmad

In my opinion, the best Chinese New Year commercial video ads that can really represent the ‘rakyat’  is the ones by Yasmin Ahmad, my favorite Malaysian film director.

Although the videos are more than 10 years, the ideas behind these video ads are still valid till today. Without further ado, here are Yasmin Ahmad’s Chinese New Year video advertisements for Petronas.

Remember, the “story” is the most important for all video ads, watch her videos and you will know why.


PETRONAS CNY 2008: Nobody’s Child


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