LinkedIn Reactions: New Ways To Engage

LinkedIn Reactions: New Ways To Engage

If you’re an active user of LinkedIn, the largest professional social media platform in the world, you may have already noticed that the user experience is becoming more and more like Facebook.

From the launch of native LinkedIn video in 2017 to LinkedIn live on February 2019 (not open to all members and still need to apply in order to use their live video broadcasting), we can see many similarities.

The latest feature (or a modified feature of Facebook) is LinkedIn Reaction.

LinkedIn Reactions

This new feature will appear on both desktop and app. The implementation is the same. For desktop or browser, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the “Like” icon, and the above reactions will pop up.

When using mobile app, you need to hold the “Like” for it to pop out the list of reactions. Next, you can click on other reactions besides the default “Like”.

I am pretty sure everyone knows how to use it as it works exactly the same like Facebook.

LinkedIn Reactions example

5 Types of LinkedIn Reaction

LinkedIn Like Reactions


The classic “Like” reaction, similar to Facebook. In fact, the blue like has already become the signature of Facebook. This reaction indicates the level of interest and support to your content.

Since the reaction is the default reaction, the number of “Like” usually will be higher compared to other new reactions.


LinkedIn Celebrate Reactions
The second LinkedIn reaction is the green hand clapping icon, Celebrate. Users can use this reaction on news such as the latest company achievement, milestones or any new accomplishment



LinkedIn Love Reactions
Both Facebook and LinkedIn have the “Love” reaction. You can use this reaction to express deep resonance and support, for example, a conversation about work-life balance.



LinkedIn Insightful Reactions

Personally, I quite like the “Insightful” reaction. This type of reaction is highly suitable to recognize a great point or an interesting idea. For example, a new infographic, a graph that shows new findings or business quotes.



LinkedIn Curious Reactions
Curious reaction for me is quite unique as we can use it for untold statements, like new startup ideas, possible joint venture, new business ideas. This is more specific to new journey or concept.


New Reactions – More Engagement

Compared to the traditional like-comment-share reaction for social media posts, reactions is now a tool to gain more engagement.

This gives LinkedIn users more reasons to stay on the platform longer.

The new reactions are more towards professional/business in nature, unlike Facebook Reaction that includes Sad, Angry, Surprised.

The same social media strategy tried on Facebook can be modified to fit the LinkedIn platform. A classic example is allowing users to vote using reactions.

Facebook reactions example
For those who are not active users of LinkedIn, you should have a look on their new features and user interfaces. Depending on the business type, LinkedIn might be the better social media platform for your industry.

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