4 Lessons Learned After Watching Malaysia Hari Raya Video Ads

4 Lessons Learned After Watching Malaysia Hari Raya Video Ads

As a Malaysian, one of my favourite things is being able to celebrate various festivals and holidays. In fact, Malaysia has multiple public holidays (up to 20 days of public holidays) in a year.

As usual, every festive season presents a golden opportunity for businesses to spread brand awareness.

Personally, my favorite are still the videos made by Yasmin Ahmad, one of the best film directors in Malaysia as her videos always touched the heart of many Malaysians even today.

In this blog post, I hope to share what I had learned from watching a few selected Hari Raya Video Advertisements on YouTube.

*All the 14 Raya videos are at the bottom of this post.

What I learned?


The first thing that comes to my mind is all videos are fully localized to Malaysian culture. Even the language, spoken primarily in Bahasa Malaysia also has a localized slang and accent.

Combined with a good story, local languages and culture, many Hari Raya video ads are able to create a mood and feeling that deeply resonate with many Malaysians.

Now, let us reflect and review on digital marketing campaigns.

Are the copywriting, banner design, and concept of your advertisements localized enough to create a special bond with the target audience?

Depending on the type and objective of your marketing campaigns, I highly recommend the advertisers to come out with another variation of advertisements that is fully localized with the audience.

Keep in mind that even different states and areas in Malaysia will have their own unique local slang, accent and culture. If your campaign is geo targeting certain specific stages or areas, you should tune your language and mood to sync with your potential customers.

So, try create more localized digital marketing campaigns and include them in your next A/B testing. Who knows you might have higher engagement and response rate.


Almost all Hari Raya video ads focus on a single theme – family.

Hari Raya is the time when the children or grandchildren “balik kampung” (return to hometown).

This is how emotion marketing uses “balik kampung” to keep us continue watching the video.

Why? Because most of us have the experience of driving long trip to hometown. We faced various obstacles like car breakdown, bad weather, traffic jam in the North South highways.

There’s no denying emotion marketing is one of the smartest and most strategic ways to spread brand awareness.

In fact, you can add the emotion element into your text, content, email subjects, and headlines. Not only that, the use of colours can also create the mood for your website or banners ads.

Try looking at our Google Ads search copy or Facebook Ad descriptions, does the content provide an emotional trigger to the customer?

Does your content create any urgency or excitement when people spot your advertisements on social media?

We know Japan and Thailand video ads are some of the most creative when it comes to video advertising. Check them out and you will be truly impressed!

Next time, try to include the “emotion” element in your website or ad copy.


In the video marketing world, regardless of how big your video production budget is, if the “story” is poor, the result will be bad.

Remember, story is the core element for video ads most of the time. The scripts, scenes etc are there to complement the whole story.

Check out the 14 videos below, notice that the video duration can be as short as 1 minute, or as long as 7 minutes.

If your story and main message can be delivered within 60 seconds, you’ll be surprised that shorter videos can have the same (or even better) results compared to long videos.

Remember, stories are memorable and are able to create a long-lasting connection.

My challenge to you all is: Can you draft a compelling video story that can be told in 60 seconds or less?

Treat this as a good practice to train your mind on how to craft a video story that maintains high “view retention rate”.

Needless to say, video marketing is already a hype in digital marketing now.


We noticed how the video advertising like Maxis and Traveloka had incorporated FIFA World Cup 2018 into their Hari Raya video ads as the quadrennial international football tournament coincides with Hari Raya this year.

Not only that, the video ad created by Astro Gempak also included the previous viral news like the “Ayam Rendang Cripsy” tagline into the dialog.

Combining with the creativity in cinematography and video editing, every scene keeps its audience glued to the screen until the last second.

TIP: Making a regular normal activity become different will definitely grab the attention of your audience.

Not only that, the video also promotes the brand by carefully inserting the logo or the items belong to the brand.

The point is that although they do not hard sell, the video ad and the brand will always be in your mind.

The online business world has become a competitive lot. In order to stand out from the crowd, make sure your online marketing campaign is special and creative. Remember, people get easily bored with old and boring video ideas.

If you notice your Ads Click-Through-Rate (CTR) has been low lately, perhaps it’s time to create a new ad copy with fresh and creative idea!

Now, prepare your popcorn or kuih raya and watch all the Hari Raya Ads for this year! Enjoy.

Video Title: TNB Raya 2018 – Rumah Epik Fantastik
By: Tenaga Nasional

Video Title: #PETRONAS Hari Raya 2018 – Misi Riuh Raya!
By: Petronas

Video Title: Iklan Raya Malaysia Airlines 2018 | Ops Lip Lap Raya
By: Malaysia Airlines

Video Title: Gaya Raya Paling Ori – Filem Pendek Astro Raya 2018
By: Astro Gempak

Video Title: Geng Sakat Raya (Yakult Raya 2018)
By: Yakult Malaysia

Video Title: Kasih 5 Sekawan – Filem Pendek Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2018 daripada Celcom
By: Celcom Axiata

Video Title: KFC Raya 2018: Dendam Adam
By: KFC Malaysia

Video Title: Digi Raya 2018 #Nawaitu
By: Digi Telecommunications

Video Title: Maxis Raya 2018 – Bola Raya
By: Maxis

Video Title: Iklan Raya 2018: Kuih Habuk Mak | A Traveloka Film
By: Traveloka Malaysia

Video Title: Iklan Raya ERA 2018 – Kad Raya

Video Title: iProperty Raya 2018 – Selamat Hari Kerja
By: iProperty Malaysia

Video Title: Iklan Raya 2018 – Raya Chin
By: mStar Online Malaysia

Video TItle: Iklan Raya Domino’s Pizza Malaysia 2018 | #Mak,AbangTakDapatBalikRaya
By: Domino Pizza Malaysia

Hope the above 14 Hari Raya videos will inspire you for your next video marketing campaign.

Did I miss out on any other Hari Raya videos which are equally good? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim friends! Happy Holiday!

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