Learn From 123,599 Facebook Ad Examples for Free

Learn From 123,599 Facebook Ad Examples for Free

Every advertiser should know that a well-designed Facebook Ad is essential to increasing the effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign. In fact, the first thing any business would want to find out about their competitors would be the advertisements they are using, and how well are they using them.

Fortunately, if you want to find out your competitors’ Facebook Ads, you can use the free tool from AdEspresso to search their vast collection of ads for free.

It’s always a good idea to research existing Facebook Ads, especially when it comes to identifying winning ads and learning from their strategies.

AdEspresso home page
Click the link to find ads now > https://adespresso.com/ads-examples

Features that we like

Multiple Filter Options

Other than the fact that this tool is completely free, you only need to subscribe to their email newsletters to unlock all the ads. The best part is its four-filter option that allows you to key in your desired Placements, Industries, Objectives and Attributes to narrow down your searches.

The industries option is very useful to filter the exact related Facebook Ads that can apply to your business. Of course, it is advised to check other industries as well to learn how they publish their copywriting, titles, and descriptions from the examples.

The full options are:


Desktop News Feed Facebook Right Column


B2C Education For Woman Kids
Entertainment Technology Health & Fitness Pets & Animals
eCommerce Software Home & Garden Insurance
Fashion & Beauty Food Sports & Outdoors Non Profit
B2C Startups Car Politics
News Arts & Culture Computer & Electronic Luxury
Subscription Services Games Local Business Sustainable environment
Brand Services Job Other
Marketing Finance Crowdfunding
Travel For Man Read Estate


Sales Lead Generation Event Mobile App
Content Promotion Awareness Page Likes


Is Photo Promo Retargeting
Split Test Is Video We Don’t Like
Has Humans Carousel Ad
Is Illustration We Like


Examples of Facebook Ads – Food Industry

Examples of Facebook Ads - Food Industry

Examples of Facebook Ads - Food Industry


Examples of Facebook Ads – Boost Event Objective

Examples of Facebook Ads - Boost Event Objective

Examples of Facebook Ads - Boost Event Objective


Access to Real Facebook Posts

Wish to check out the latest engagement performance of the Facebook Ads you like? You can click the Facebook icon after you click on any of the ads in the gallery views.

From there, you would be directed to the actual Facebook post, where you can check the exact number of likes, share and comments.

Don’t forget that it’s a good thing to pay attention to how big brands respond to their comments. This might provide good references for crafting the comment response template for your own Facebook page.

Access to Real Facebook PostsTravelstart South Africa Facebook Ads


Video Format Facebook Ad Searches

Under the Attributes option, you can select Video to narrow down our search to Facebook video Ads.

If you are planning to launch any video ad campaigns, that’s the best way to take a look at awesome video ads that you can use as an example.

As video ads become more and more popular on Facebook, 2018 is the best year to launch your first video ad to enjoy cheaper advertising cost.

Video Format Facebook Ad Searches

Facebook video ads examples
All these videos are good starting points to begin discovering the right style and video marketing strategy that work for you.


The 70:20:10 rule in Digital Media Investment

Should you follow the Facebook ad examples by your competitors, or create your own version from scratch?

We would suggest applying the 70-20-10 rule for your Facebook advertising campaign.

You can design 70% of your Facebook Ads campaigns using the standard content that appeals to your target audience. Those contents are more familiar to the user and the use of these materials is considered a safer approach.

Next is to invest 20% of your total marketing fund to try something moderately risky. Whether it is the utilisation of a short video, canvas ads, or carousel ads that appear to be fresh to your audience.

The final remaining 10% Facebook Ads budget should be more experimental, responsive or agile. Feel free to launch completely new ideas and strategy – and don’t stop testing. Although it can be a risky endeavour, the outcome might be higher than the other 90% of your existing Facebook Ads campaign should you ever hit an advertising windfall.



Humans are constantly changing, so keeping the same format of your Facebook Ads would not work forever.

Once you know what ads other brands or competitors are running, absorb the good things and keep improving.

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” — George Santayana

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