Is Your Business On Instagram Yet?

Is Your Business On Instagram Yet?

It’s true that an image speaks a thousand words, and that is why Instagram has slowly become one of the best marketing tools for every business owner. With Instagram you can accumulate your followers who will then become your fan base and ambassadors to promote your brand/business.

There is no denying that customers today are easily motivated by images rather than words/text. And this is why businesses should consider leveraging their marketing not only using Facebook, but also Instagram.


Higher Engagement Rate

With Instagram, everything is about images. With the higher interest from potential customers and visitors online, businesses enjoy higher chance to convert them to customers soon. It’s an act of persuading people (or becoming an influencer) using the power of images.

As people like and comment actively on pictures that resonate with them (which is especially true for clothing business), businesses also get to identify customer preferences, including which products are more sought after.

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Reach Consumers of the New Millennium

Through Instagram people are competing to produce high quality images that can attract more visitors for their business and brands. The change of people’s perception is especially prevalent in the younger generation (who have good purchasing power) as most of them have an Instagram account rather than a Facebook account.

In addition, more websites and businesses have also been getting higher number of visitors by having their own Instagram accounts.


Easy to Use

Since Instagram is solely made for the purpose of posting pictures, it is rather easy to use even for those with zero knowledge on computer. The effect functions available on Instagram will make your photos appear more appealing to your fans out there.

This is highly suitable for business owners who don’t have any graphic design knowledge to take advantage on the tools available, which can help them create an everlasting impression to their potential customers.

Reach Instagram Consumers of the New Millennium

Influencer Marketing

It’s no denying that influencer marketing is gaining momentum and will become something big in the near future, judging from the current influencer marketing trend — more and more big brands are using this strategy to establish loyal customer base and boost sales. Instagram is a fertile land for influencer marketing, and this golden opportunity is now out there for any business to seize.  
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Autoplay Videos with Sound On

For the video on Instagram newsfeed, once turned on, all other videos will autoplay with sound too for the rest of your Instagram session. In addition, for ‘Instagram Stories’, most Video Views are by default set to Sound On while Facebook has most of the video views with the Sound Off. This is clearly an advantage for Instagram users.
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Easier for Customer Targeting

It is easier to target customers on Instagram as people tend to like and follow accounts that are relevant to their interest. Thus businesses can create customer profiling for their followers. In addition, you can also differentiate your fans based on location and demographic, just like Facebook.

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Ability to Post Ads

Users can also post ads on Instagram, just like Facebook since the platform is more image centric and thus are more relevant to customers. Through Instagram it is a lot easier for businesses to engage with their customers because the posts are more clustered compared to Facebook. Your timeline is more well arranged compared to Facebook, on which users will have to scroll down and find your posts.

So does the change in people’s attitude towards the marketing effort practiced by businesses worldwide make Instagram a preferred marketing platform? Definitely!

Does your business have an Instagram account? It’s never too late to get started. Give Instagram a try and we guarantee you will like it!  

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