IGTV FINALLY Supports Horizontal Videos

IGTV FINALLY Supports Horizontal Videos

For those who are not familiar with IGTV, it’s actually a new feature from Instagram to let users watch long-form videos.

Verified accounts can upload up to 60 minutes long via a computer while the maximum duration for normal news feeds on Instagram only last for 60 seconds per clip.

Obviously, the intention of this update is to compete with YouTube, the largest video sharing platform in the world.

Instagram said the vertical orientation made sense for the mobile-first platform, so that users can experience the full-screen without turning the smartphone.

The truth is, the implementation of vertical video brings extra cost as video editors need to create vertical videos, re-adjust the text or title to fit the portrait aspect ratio, and be careful regarding the composition.

Finally, on 23 May 2019, IGTV supports landscape videos, providing a similar experience we watch videos on YouTube.

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What does this update mean to digital marketing?

1. Increased popularity of IGTV

The users of Facebook are getting older and the younger generation are into Instagram. While YouTube still dominates the video platform, IGTV can potentially become a new channel for brand accounts.

This is because we can just upload the same video to Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, LinkedIn and IGTV now. Save the hassle of creating extra vertical video just for IGTV.

Video marketing is the digital marketing trend for 2019 and will still continue to grow in the future.

2. The Evolution of Video Marketing

In the past, when it comes to video marketing, the types of videos are mostly commercial, tutorial and branding.

Today, users want to watch the latest, behind the scene and vlogging style of videos.

Key factors to attract attention using the videos: authenticity and freshness.

That is why reality shows are now so popular because users want to see the real expression and have a real experience.

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3. New video creating tools and software

With the update, I foresee more new video creating tools, software or mobile apps will emerge to make the creating process easier.

Many businesses think video marketing requires a big budget. It’s not true because videos made from your existing smartphone are sufficient.

The ideas and creativity behind the video are the main ingredients for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Many users predict the new updates by IGTV will shift a portion of video viewers/creators from YouTube to IGTV. In my opinion, YouTube will still be going strong and IGTV still needs more enhancement and improvement.

Anyway, it’s good to always try new platforms as you have no idea what will be the next hit of video sharing platform.

It is always recommended to have online presence on all platforms to achieve max brand visibility.

Okay, let us upload videos to IGTV now.

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