Google Analytics Workshop – Exabytes Digital Day

Google Analytics Workshop – Exabytes Digital Day

SELANGOR, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 – Finally, we fulfilled the overwhelming requests from our valued customers — the Google Analytics Workshop was organized, with 120+ participants showing up at the workshop venue, CO3 Social Office, a place sponsored by the co-organizer of this event, CO3 Social Office Sdn Bhd.

Hiew Chee Chong

To cater for the learning needs of participants with different levels of knowledge in Google Analytics, the organizer had decided to split the workshop into two target audiences:

1) Google Analytics for Sales & Marketing

How to use Google Analytics to improve understanding on:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Analytics
  • Online Marketing Performance
  • Lead Generation Activities
  • Customer Interests
  • Customer Experience
  • Building a Customer’s profile
  • Personalizing Experiences based on Data
  • Reconnecting with Prospects

*Audience: Sales & Marketing specialists, Account Executives from Media Agencies

2) Google Analytics for Software Developers

How to use Google Analytics to setup:

  • Custom Goals
  • Custom Events
  • Cross-Domain Tracking
  • Digital Campaign Tracking
  • E-Commerce Tracking
  • Content Experiments
  • Universal ID for Customer Profiling
  • Tagging with Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • API Integration for Data Import/Export
  • Mobile Tracking for Android
  • Mobile Tracking for iOS

*Audience: Mobile Developers, Website Developers, Developers from Media Agencies


9AM to 10AM: Check-in & Networking
10AM to 12PM: Google Analytics for Sales & Marketing
12PM to 1PM: Lunch break
1PM to 3PM: Google Analytics for Software Developers
3PM to 4PM: Q&A & Networking

Google Analytics basic metric

Mr. Hiew Chee Choong, the Head of Analytics at Kasatria Technologies explained how Google Analytics works in the backend. We really loved how Hiew summarized all the technical terms like ‘cookies’, ‘pageview’, ‘bounce in’ using very simple examples.

He then kept emphasizing on the importance of marketing funnel to businesses. As mentioned, you need to find what metric or KPI makes sense to your business. Although Google Analytics can provide multiple data, not all are giving the correct metric to your marketing funnel.

Besides, he shared some myths and misconceptions about bounce rate, and case studies based on his experience. While he did use enterprises as examples, everyone still learned something useful, especially tracking implementation of websites.

Hiew Chee Chong demo Google Analaytics

After the lunch break, the workshop moved on to the second part, Google Analytics for software developers. Everyone loved the live demo of Google Analytics in this session. In fact, many participants really missed some of the hidden features that were overlooked.

The speaker also introduced Google Tag Manager (GTM) to the participants. He demonstrated how we could use GTM to track multiple events like clicks, form submission, YouTube, duration time, scroll/visibility and more.

“Some companies only limit it to the web developers, so not all marketers can edit GTM”, according to Hiew. However, the tutorial is really simple and easy to implement.

Google Analytics workshop participants

Overall, the workshop is a great success. In fact, many participants had enquired when would the next Google Analytics be. Mr. Hiew, who is very knowledgeable, kind and helpful answered every single question from the floor.

Thanks to the great response of the participants, he also shared Google Analytics for apps, Google Analytics 360 Suite (paid version) and tips about E-Commerce Tracking for Google Analytics.

One funny statement Hiew kept mentioning (and it’s so true): If you see “custom” in Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, this means you need 2-3 weeks of development for web developer.

Google Analytics workshop poster

Wish to register yourself for the next workshop? Are you eagerly searching to learn UI/UX, WordPress, or Facebook Ads?

Feel free to contact us anytime!

We will find the best speaker in the relevant field and organize the workshop very soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget our annual event such Exabytes Ecommerce Conference (EEC), Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit (EIMS). Check out all the events now!

See you at the next event soon!


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