Get Spotted Even During Haze

Get Spotted Even During Haze

Ever wondered how people with bad eyesight look at things? Well wonder no more, now you can experience blurry vision with the added touch of faint smoke smell thanks to haze. Yup, it’s haze season again.

11 months out of a year, Malaysia never fails to captivate your heart with its breathtaking beauty but the one remaining month, you will literally struggle to catch your breath due to the thick polluted air that the country experiences.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom (pun intended). Brands and local artists are using haze as an inspiration for their advertisements and artworks. From interesting illustrations to downright hilarious works of art, we had a good chuckle despite the weather.

So here are some examples of what caught our eye:


1. Haze & Dust

Haze and Dust

Probably the most unexpected one of the lot! The fun twist on words is great as it makes the users look twice to notice the difference. Little details and twists here and there despite being simple really make an impression.


2. Spotify

Spotify haze ad

In true Spotify fashion, the ad reflects the app with a cheeky twist. Have to say that displaying the relevant songs was a really witty move.


3. Panasonic

panasonic air con ad

An adorable ad that made us say ‘aww’ out loud. Despite being a clear advertisement for their product, them highlighting the human relationship there surely stands out from the crowd.


4. Medklinn

medklinn air filter ad for haze

For those of you who are unaware Medklinn sells air purification and sterilization system which makes this ad very timely and apt.


5. Hurix

Hurix's flu & caugh ad

It’s no news that being exposed to haze causes all kinds of symptoms like sore throat, watery eyes as well as flu which is why this Hurix’s advertisement for their flu and cough syrup was a really great marketing idea.


6. KFC

KFC app promo

This KFC app advertisement makes dining a more convenient experience despite the haze. Not to mention that they have the Merdeka promotion still available for the users to take advantage off.


7. Comic strips

Comic strips and cartoons about the haze are talking over the Malaysian internet by storm. Here are some great examples that will surely make you smile.


haze comic

Done by Malaysian financial consultant Kenny Liew the picture is one of the few that went viral recently. Take a look at all the pictures here


4 seasons on malaysia

A classic comic that always makes every Malaysian chuckle a little. The 4 popular season that never fails to disappoint.


superman and the haze

We don’t think Superman quite understands what’s happening here


Haze comic with Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Now here’s one that’s literally up in smokes


8. Memes

What would the world of the internet be without memes?

Haze in Malaysia Infinity wars meme


ultraman fighting in the haze

These fun advertisements and images as a Facebook Ads or even a Google Ads will definitely catch the audience attention and leave an impression.

As funny as some of these pictures are, the haze is still no laughing matter. Make sure to be well hydrated and minimize outdoor activities. Stay safe!


Till next time!

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