FB & IG Ad Strategy Sharing to Selangor Accelerator Programme Startups

FB & IG Ad Strategy Sharing to Selangor Accelerator Programme Startups

SELANGOR, JUNE 9, 2018 – The sharing is exclusively for Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP), who are ready for their first pitch to become the top ten! This time around, the Digital Marketing Manager of Exabytes Digital, Jerrick Yeoh shared case studies, real life scenarios and the latest tricks of Facebook and Instagram Advertising.


Jerrick Yeoh
To make the sharing more interesting and fun, Jerrick Yeoh had prepared some slides with real life scenarios and quizzes to engage with the crowd.


SAP 2018 startups raise hand

All in all, the startups were very active in asking questions and engagement was fantastic for the quiz in the sharing session. For example, when Jerrick threw the question ‘which Facebook Ads is the winning ads’, he was greeted with an enthusiastic response.

While the previous SEO sharing from Martin Tang had prompted many to improve their website traffic organically, this social media marketing sharing appeared to be even more interesting as real examples were given to enhance learning.

One of the highlights was when the crowd was surprised by the fact that Facebook Ads allow users to upload phone number to become a custom audience. This data can let advertisers target audiences more accurately for better ads performance. Not to forget, the database can expand using the “lookalike” feature in Facebook Manager.

SITEC conference room training

SAP 2018 training

Besides, Jerrick also clarified several myths and misconception about Facebook Ads. This included the optimum frequency per ads, suggested Facebook Ads budget allocation, vertical video versus horizontal video, and how to get more emails/phone numbers in a couple of ways legally.

In the last part of the sharing session, Jerrick was invited to become the mentor for a one-on-one clinic session. Selected startups are eligible to have a 20-minute face-to-face personalized mentoring session with experienced speaker and guests.

1 on 1 mentor session
Startups were eagerly seeking advice for Facebook Ads to double their social media marketing performance during the one-on-one mentoring session.
Navin Danapal, Ann Lee, Nicole Wong, Jerrick Yeoh
From left: Navin Danapal (SEA Director of SOSV), Ann Lee (the facilitator of this startup programme), Nicole Wong (Head of Product for Sometime), Jerrick Yeoh (Digital Marketing Manager of Exabytes Digital).
SITEC conference room
Startups giving their full attention to the speaker.
Jerrick Yeoh giving training
Jerrick Yeoh shared how to optimize Facebook Advertising for Ad Frequency topics.
1 on 1 mentor session
As usual, many would prefer asking their questions at the end of sharing session.

Once again, good luck to the first pitch next month, we hope the best will become the top ten and proceed to next stage. For the top five, good luck for winning the Selangor International Pitch on September 2018!

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