EIMS 2019: Cutting-edge Digital Marketing

EIMS 2019: Cutting-edge Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s a given that you’re constantly looking for new digital marketing tips, tricks and tools to get better results for your business, I know I have. That is why I was looking forward to one of the biggest Digital Marketing Summits in Asia, Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit, better known as EIMS 2019.

EIMS 2019 exhibitions

With over 30 exhibitions from various industries, workshops and panel discussions, the EIMS was definitely a day full of learning and engaging. For a first-timer like me, I found it to be really interesting since I got a chance to talk to some of the speakers and ask their views on the industry and its rapid evolution.

EIMS 2019 Freshworks

Exabytes partnering companies from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India and many other countries all over the globe made their appearance and gave us a glimpse of their brands, new features and/or services they are currently launching. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to all our partners and sponsors of the event. Thank you!

Here’s the list of Exabytes partners & speakers who attended the EIMS 2019:

Partner/ Speaker Name Topic
Abishek Murthy
Head – Product Marketing, Freshworks Inc
Simplifying your support – Learning from history of customer support and how support helps marketing
Fredrick Johnson Lawerance
Product Consultant, Freshworks Inc
Improve your customer experience
Jay Sudowski
CEO, Handy Sends
Operation Inbox: How to dramatically improve getting your marketing emails delivered to where they matter – the Inbox
Khushboo Nangalia
Founder & CEO, BEYOND99

Dr. A.J Minai
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Subture: The Brand Storytelling Agency

Emily Tan
Marketing Lead, Malaysia, Klook

Rachel Tan
Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia
The 2019 top digital marketing trends that will shape your business in Malaysia
Nicholas Sagau Tony Ngimat
Group General Manager, Media Prima Digital

Surayot Aimlaor
Head of Brand Marketing-TikTok SEA, TikTok Pte Ltd

Desmond Ngai
Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, WebTVAsia

Vincent Pang
Senior Sales Manager (Malaysia), Unruly
The power of short-form video for marketing at Digital Conf
Yuvha Dharshini
Account Manager of Tech & Telco, Google
How to drive e-commerce with Google and YouTube
Meredith Wallace
Business Development Lead, Google
Storytelling on Digital
Edmon Chung
CEO, DotAsia Organisation
Building your Asian digital identity: From user experience moments to brand identity
Allan Phang
Head of Esports, AirAsia
How AirAsia Allstars created internal and external awareness on Esports
Carliff Rizal Carleel
EO & Co-Founder, Automate Malaysia
Drive businesses growth by leveraging AI and real-time marketing power
Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh
Founder & CEO, Meta Box
Using WordPress As An Ultimate Tool For Your Marketing Plan: Techniques and Tools
Christopher Lowe
Senior Account Manager, Insider
Creating Amazon, Whatsapp, Netflix and Instagram-like customer experiences
Eddy Han
Country General Manager, Shopback Malaysia
How do we get people to shop, save, and come back?
Karamjit Singh
Founder & CEO, Digital News Asia

Sharmeen Looi
Co-founder, Shopback Malaysia

Wong Weng Wai
Marketing Manager, iCar Asia

Jeremy Chew
Head of Content Marketing Malaysia, iPrice Group

Suresh Sakadivan
Regional Head of CRM, Fave
Content strategies that will drive growth in 2019
Nowrid Amin
Digital Marketing Specialist, IQI Global
The best growth hacking guide to boost conversions
Roberto Cumaraswamy
CMO, robertocumaraswamy.com
Storytelling – The secret of crazy successful digital marketing and HOW to do it
Joel Ong
Head of Department, AnyMind Group

Bvern Yip
Senior Influencer Marketing Strategist, AnyMind Group
Influencer marketing success stories
CEO, Interspace Digital Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Enhance your business cost-efficiently with KOLs & affiliates & The 2019 top digital marketing trends that will shape your business in Malaysia
Sam Suresh
Founder, MU DOT MY
Building website with WordPress drag and drop page builder
Ashley Ong
Trainer of Mahir Digital Bersama Google
Reach your customers online

Social media strategy for business

Stephanie Caunter
Head of Marketing, adaAsia

JiongHan Ng
Founder, Novocall

Chan Kin Peng
Founding Partner, Kasatria Technologies

Sunny Ooi
Founder & CEO, ClickAsia Malaysia & Singapore
Data-driven marketing in 2019: Bigger, faster and better
Gowri Vellasamy
Head of SME, TIME dotCom
Shape Up or Ship Out
Joe Tan
Founder & CEO, Heytool.ai
A.I. Marketing – Internet to erupt! We spend more or less in advertising cost?

EIMS 2019 Exabytes CEO Chan Kee Siak

One thing that was constantly mentioned by our CEO, Chan Kee Siak during the launch was how we as digital marketers should always provide a platform to be more connected, be it with the customers or other brands. He also said “Focus on creating stories that connect the people and their surroundings. Always make sure to liven up the content so that the machine and the humans like it”. As a content creator this really resonated to me because, by the end of the day, it really is about what interest the audience or solves their problem.

EIMS 2019 Panel Discussion

EIMS 2019 also proved to be a great platform for people from different industries and backgrounds to mingle around and network seamlessly. With over 1000+ attendees who share a common passion for digital marketing and innovation, I personally had a lot of stimulating conversations that helped me see other possibilities and discuss new ideas.

EIMS 2019 Storytelling on Digital

The workshops and panel discussions were conducted from 9.30am to 5.30pm covering many areas of digital marketing. The main topic this year was Storytelling in the Digital World. The 4 aspects that were focused on are:

      • Mobile – EIMS offered workshops discussing how you can offer the best experience to the users while narrating your business stories to them.
      • Trends – At the rate that trends are evolving, it can be hard to keep up but with the help of other industry experts who were speakers, I got a broader perspective on how you can keep up with the latest digital marketing tips & trends and cater to the audience better. 
      • Content – From Karamjit Singh, Founder & CEO of Digital News Asia to Sharmeen Looi, Co-founder of Shopback Malaysia, the panel discussions during EIMS offered many tips on how you can create better content that attracts the customers and want them to read more. 
      • Video – Undeniably one of the most engaging ways to put forth your brand story, we were joined by Meredith Wallace, Business Development Lead of Google where she discussed what are some of the best ways to do storytelling via Youtube and video ads.

EIMS 2019 Storytelling for marketing

Throughout the event, the thing that stood out for me is how when given an opportunity to learn and interact, we all dive head fast and are willing to gain more knowledge. There are many more digital marketing tips and tricks that I learned in EIMS that might come in handy for you when you’re planning to start on storytelling and content writing, so look forward to them in the near future!

EIMS 2019 Exabytes

You can find new blogs about EIMS as well as other beneficial topics at https://www.exabytes.digital/blog

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