Most Popular Facebook Pages in Malaysia 2018

Most Popular Facebook Pages in Malaysia 2018

There is no denying that Facebook is still the ‘king’ of social media platform, especially in Malaysia. In 2014, the total of Facebook users in Malaysia had exceeded 10 millions, and is expected to grow steadily till 15 millions in 2022.

Number of Facebook users in Malaysia from 2015 to 2022 (in millions)
Number of Facebook users in Malaysia from 2015 to 2022 (in millions)

Do you know which Facebook Pages are the most preferred by these millions of Malaysians, and rank the highest for both men and women? Check it out! *All the ranking are obtained from the Facebook Audience Insights at 7 March 2018.

Most Popular Facebook Pages for Men in Malaysia

1 Automotive Parts Store Horng Tat Motorpart
2 Video Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
3 Motorcycle Repair Shop Speedway Motor Singapore
4 Artist Lando Zawawi Vrus
5 Community Organization Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM)
6 Media The Sukan, Sukan Star ( Laman Berita Sukan Yang Di Ulas Dengan Kaki )
7 Sports League Football Association of Malaysia (Official)
8 Community The BikersRanger, Kapcai Jahat Kaki Tapau, Si Rashid, Media Lawak Seram
9 Clothing Store Gaya Lelaki
10 Toy Store DRC Toys Shop

In short, we can conclude that Malaysian Men love automotive and sports. Most of the top spots fall in these two categories.


Can we translate this phenomena into business opportunities?

One thing we know for sure — products and services that are related to automobile or sports have high demand in Malaysia.

If you want to create a content marketing strategy for your Facebook page that can attract the majority of Malaysian Facebook Men users, try to stay fresh and provide more in depth information about the niche you’d like to focus.


Most Popular Facebook Pages for Women in Malaysia

1 Women’s Clothing Store Butik Dsinari, Borong Tudung Masjid India, Housee Fashioon, Ollies Wardrobe
2 Clothing (Brand) Butik Nur, SafiaSofea, RoseTudung Inner, Xiang Hui Fashion
3 Fashion Designer EJ STYLE, Ashanim Dress Lab Page, Nurjannah Collection
4 Clothing Company Ample Couture
5 Clothing Store Imaan Boutique, MuslimahClothing.Com, Aidijuma Scarf
6 Chef Azlina Ina Fans
7 Shopping & Retail Raudhah Store, Jelitasara, Hijab Galeria, Hazel’s eBoutique, Honey bibi closet
8 Home Decor Cadar Bestseller
9 Product/Service Clinique, Nestlé Start Well Stay Well, Tupperware Brands Malaysia
10 Personal Blog Jubah Muslimah, FarahLee, Aneka Resepi

The Malaysian women love shopping for clothing, that’s very obvious from the list above. Tudung/Hijab occupies the top 5. One of the reasons is Malay female still has the highest population in Malaysia (around 60%).

How can so many competitors in the clothing industry survive and maintain strong brand awareness in Malaysia? Yes, the fashion industry provides a huge market and demand, but how to differentiate your brand from others is also a critical factor to success.


Believe it or not, all the above data can be obtained from Facebook for free!

First, login to your Facebook Ads account and choose “Audience Insights” from the settings. We highly recommend you to explore other settings as well.

The interest filtering is one of the most powerful features for Facebook and chances are high that you will discover your next “gold mine”.

Happy discovering. Cheers!

Facebook Audience Insights

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