6 Digital Marketing New Updates You Must Know! [July 2018]

6 Digital Marketing New Updates You Must Know! [July 2018]

Instagram TV

To celebrate one billion Instagram users, Instagram is launching IGTV.

What’s cool about this IGTV?

You can now upload a video as long as 10 minutes. The extended video duration/play time means you can let audience watch more of your products and services.

Another key highlight is Instagram now emphasizes on vertical videos to give mobile users a better experience while they’re holding their smartphones vertically.

If you already have several videos, we highly recommend you to make some edit/adjustment on them to fit into vertical video format (9:16 ratio).

example of Instagram TV

Here is the official announcement from Instagram: Welcome to IGTV


Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads



Yup, 18 years after the launch of Google AdWords, Google rebranded it to Google Ads.

One of the best selling advertising features, Google Search is already helping thousands of businesses to grow online.

The new Google Ads will have more features for the integration of other properties. This includes Google Map, YouTube, Google Search, Google Play and more.

For small business owners, Google Ads launched a new type of campaign to make their life easier. Together with machine learning, it makes the advertising platform one of the most powerful tools to grow your business online.

More updates will be announced on the Google Marketing Live on 10th of July this month.


View All Active Facebook Ads

Finally, this is a game charger for every marketer.

Why? You can now publicly spy your competitor Facebook Ads.

All you have to do is just click the Facebook page, then click the little icon (Info and Ads) located at the right corner.

Next, click “Active Ads”. Voila, you can view all the Facebook Ads of any Facebook page now.

Ads and Pages Transparency Demo

Posted by Facebook on Khamis, 28 Jun 2018

Instead of using a 3rd party account to spy the Facebook Ad for free, now you can do it even easier using your smartphone.

It’s time to refer to the best ads, learn from them and apply what you learned to target your audience better!


LinkedIn – Translation Tool & QR Code Scanner

If you are a user of LinkedIn and Facebook app, you should notice Facebook App already has the translation tool long time ago.

Anyway, the feature is still very useful as it allows users to read the translated text within the app.

LinkedIn QR code scanner

While networking with others at an event, don’t forget to try the LinkedIn QR code feature.

While some of us still prefer using the traditional name card, you can check someone’s LinkedIn profile immediately after scanning.

LinkedIn QR code scanner

Google Map – New Explore Options

If you are a frequent user of Google Map, you will notice the latest update on the interface and UX. (assuming you update to the latest version)

While ranking and algorithm is controlled by Google, reviews are crucial for your physical store to restaurant to get found.

Make sure to insert the most accurate information for address, opening hours, descriptions and the name of your business.

Recheck the info at Google My Business to see if the info is up-to-date.

Don’t forget to find out more about the other free tools from Google too.

Google Map explore feature demo

YouTube Channel Monetization Tool & Merchandise

To reward content creators on YouTube, the platform is rolling out new channel membership option.

Viewers can now pay $4.99 monthly to content creators and have access to unique badges, new emoji or participant/member only posting community.

Instead of just depending on Google AdSense or sponsorship videos, this is another option for YouTubers to make money.

YouTube channel membership subscription

Have merchandise to sell?

YouTube now allows content creators to add a merchandise below the video.

Your hardcore subscribers/fans can support you by purchasing the merchandise via YouTube.

Keep in mind this feature is only available to eligible U.S. based channels with over 10,000 subscribers only.


Enjoy the new updates! If you have any question, don’t forget to comment below.



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