Can Your Business Go Viral With “Crispy Chicken Rendang Skin”?

Can Your Business Go Viral With “Crispy Chicken Rendang Skin”?

Recently, a Malaysian-born woman who took part in the reality TV show, MasterChef UK was eliminated. The reason: the chicken skin needs to be “crispy” for Rendang.

The news suddenly became viral as many netizens keep commenting and publishing their opinions about the decision of the MasterChef judge.

In this post, let me share with you how this news could go viral, and let’s check out how you can learn and apply it to your business.


Viral Marketing

Obviously, the news has already gone viral across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Many online users are still publishing their opinions and comments on how “real” Rendang skin should be.

Viral Marketing is a marketing approach that includes websites or users to passing on a marketing message to gain great visibility. Not to forget it will have the “snowball” effect that exponentially increase the total number of reach to a huge audience.

The news is a great example of viral marketing, in which the reality show has successfully created a hot topic on all digital marketing platforms, such as blogs, online publishers, radio stations, television news, various news portals and multiple social media channels.

crispy chicken rendang skin viral marketing

How could the news go so viral?

I think one of the single most important factors is emotion.

When a foreigner gives a comment about your food, everyone will have some kind of emotion as most of us think the judge does not fully understand how the local delicacy should be.

Emotion Marketing tells a story or message that connects with an audience and generate human emotion.

When the news is announced, Malaysians were riled up as they feel the judge’s decision was unfair. They also feel some kind of emotion to defend their local delicacy. Many commented that the judge hadn’t even tried the real “rendang ayam” in Malaysia.

How can you apply this in your marketing plan?

  • Instead of just focusing on the traditional marketing approach, new ideas can make something go viral.
  • Wish to get noticed in a very competitive market? Find good new innovative ideas that can make your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Incorporate the “emotion” element into your digital marketing campaign. It can be included in the email subject, copywriting of your ads, design or videos.


Perfect timing for brand awareness

By joining the trend now, you can enjoy free marketing across social media platforms by sharing something about the controversial crispy rendang news.

By checking the Google Trend in Malaysia, we can see that the top stories include the crispy fried chicken and Masterchef (UK), which ranks at the top 5 at the moment.

Not forgetting that we previously shared a great post about the Top 10 Free Google Tools, and Google Trend is one of them.

Wish to join the trend? You should try creating something related to this news and connect with your brand.

For example, we can see how brands like KFC and TGV Cinemas responded to this viral news.

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See the effectiveness? People keep sharing the posts now because they create an emotion that connects everyone as one nation.

Since this news is still “hot” and discussed among Malaysians extensively, businesses should grab this rare opportunity to expand their brand awareness.

You might think that rendang or “crispy” chicken skin is only related to the food and beverage industry, but that’s not entirely true. If you are creative enough, your content will get noticed by many people and gain great visibility.

Think out of the box. Although certain industries can find it very hard to get linked to this popular trend, the potential is there. It’s your creativity that will make your idea gain greater exposure.

Apply this in your email subjects, design, coupon codes, social media posts, content, promotions or videos.

As for now, we expect to see more and more content to get published, such as recipe posts, cooking tutorial videos about rendang chicken, and talk shows and interviews on social media platforms.


Your turn

Already have some ideas how to take advantage of the crispy chicken rendang skin trend for your next digital marketing campaign? What are your thoughts?

Leave us a comment!

Time to eat rendang chicken for me, thanks for reading! 🙂

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